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Great online reviews are one of the most powerful brand-building tools for business owners, but only if they’re real. Real reviews from real people who’ve had real experiences with your brand. Reviews on FLCKN are verified so you can trust that they’re genuine - and so can your future customers!

Real people, real brands, real reviews

Get to know FLCKN, the crowdsourced video review app that provides the ultimate user experience. Plus, reviews are verified which means they’re shared by users who’ve had real experiences with your business.

Real-time feedback

Get real-time feedback from customers so you don’t have to wait to celebrate the wins! Share your 5-Flick reviews with team members, partners, stakeholders and future customers.

Meaningful interactions

Get notified of new reviews so you can respond right away and interact with customers directly. Build trust. Meaningful interactions like these can create customers for life!

Real brand building benefits

Get access to valuable analytics so you can monitor your reputation, leverage positive sentiment, build on momentum, pinpoint emerging trends, pivot toward success, and grow!